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DOMINO CASINO RULES v. 2 ( last edit 1.01.2010)



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  • Number of Players:2-5 (best with 4-5)
  • Duration: 15-40 min
  • Atmosphere: light betting dice game
  • Theme: casino


  • pair of six-sided dice(with pips)
  • set of double-six dominoes (28 dominos total, double blank to double six)


In a cross-style of casino craps and poker each player is trying to bet and win the most dominos.


Have the biggest stash of dominoes by game end. The game ends when the players' Hands and the Pool are empty.


SHUFFLE - Shuffle the dominos face down in the center. (If three players are playing remove 1 domino from the game. If five players are playing remove 3 dominoes from the game.)

DETERMINE FIRST ROLLER - Each player should roll both dice. Reroll ties. The player with the highest result is the First Player.

PILES - It is important to keep piles of dominoes neatly seperated. A player's Hand is kept secret and on edge (or face down). A player's winnings Stash is kept face up.


THE DRAW - The pile of face-down dominoes in the center is called the Pool. Each player draws three dominoes on the first round. For all remaining rounds only 1 domino is drawn from the pool. Each player may look at their own hand but should keep their hand secret fom other players. In the last two rounds of play the pool will be empty and players will play out their hands.

THE BET - Each player secretly selects one domino from their Hand to push forward (still face down) as their bet.

THE ROLL - Once all players have bet, the First Player rolls the pair of dice. Each player flips over their own domino that was bet upon.

DETERMINE WINNERS -Winners are determined in order of precedence.

DOUBLE BLANK - If the double blank was played nobody is a winner and every puts their domino bet in the pot. This effect is negated by a double double winner.

DOUBLE WINNER -If both of the dice exactly match the pattern of pips of the two halves of someone's domino, then that domino's owner wins all the bets and the pot. That player should add his winnings to his winnings Stash (kept face up). The double blank cancles this win unless it is a "double double win".

DOUBLE DOUBLE WINNER -A double winner with doubles cancels the double blank effect. For example, a 3/3 domino that matches the die roll of 3/3 cancels the effect of the double blank.

SINGLE BLANK WINNER - If nobody is a "double winner", then follow these rules to determine if there are "single winners": If someone bet on a domino that was half blank, and the non-blank side of the domino matches one of the dice, then that player is a single blank winner. The blank half of the domino is a screw to other players. It prevents anyone else from making a basic match win of that number. The single blank winner takes all bets that have a matching number into his winnings stash. The pot remains. This win is negated by a double blank.

BASIC MATCH WINNER - Assuming there are still bets remaining, follow these rules to determine if there are "basic match winners": If someone matches one of the bet domino sides to a die, then he may add his own bet to his winnings stash. In this case, there may multiple match wins by multiple people. The pot remains. This win is negated by a double blank.

LOSS - If your domino does not match either side, then you must add that domino to the pot. The pot continues until game end. It is possible for nobody to win the pot by game end.

THE NEXT ROUND - Once all wins and losses are settled, then players draw another domino from the pool. Bets are made again. The player to the First Players's left rolls the dice. Winners and losses are determined, and then the third round begins. This continues round the table until the pool is empty and the last domino has been played. In a four player game there are 7 rounds. In a three player game there are 9 rounds. In a 5 player game there are 5 rounds. In a two player game there are 14 rounds.


Fred, Sue, and Bob draw three dominoes each face down. Fred is 1st player.

Fred's hand = (2/3) (0/6) (1/4)

Sue's hand = (3/3) (3/6) (0/0)

Bob's hand = (1/5) (2/4) (5/0)


Fred bets his 2/3, Sue bets here 3/6, and Bob bets his 5/0. Fred, as first player, rolls a 4/6. Sue is a basic match winner. She adds her domino to her stash. Fred and Bob add their bet dominoes to the pot.


Fred draws (1/1), Sue draws (6/5), Bob draws (2/0)

Fred bets 0/6, Sue bets 6/5, Bob bets 1/5. Sue rolls a 1/6. Because Fred bet a (0/6), his blank steals Sue's basic match of 6. He adds both dominos to his stash. Bob is an unrelated basic match winner with his 1. He adds his own to his stash.


Fred draws (4/4), Sue draws (0/3), Bob draws (1/1)

Fred bets 4/4, Sue bets 0/0, Bob bets 2/4. Bob rolls a 4/4. Normally Sue's 0/0 would cancel all wins, but Fred's Double Double Win overrides that. Fred adds the pot and all 3 bets to his stash. Bob would have had a basic match win with his 4, but Fred's Double Double win overrides Bob's win.



It may be more fun to reveal the bets before the roll.

It may be fun to play a variant with hands face up (and stash face down).


Remembering the resolution rules may be the only tricky part to this. Needs a cheat sheet perhaps.

Please, please let me know if you actually played this game. Email: tomgale@)

version 1 last edit 5.18.2002

version 2 last edit 1.01.2010 (transfer to new format)


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