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woody type things to boycott >> April A 2007

No, I'm not talking about a certain bartender or teen pregnancy... In sum, it seems we need better labeling as to exactly where and from whom we buy wood and timber products. So then the consumer can identify whether they are buying from a good source or not, right? Well, it seems that even that may not help as much as we'd hope because companies advertise that they offer products only from "renewable resources", "plantations" and "sustainably managed forests" but they actually aren't. How can you judge as a consumer? Try to learn more about it I guess.

The priority ordering is random for now.

1) Cypress Mulch in Louisiana - Harvesting cypress for mulch destroys coastal Louisiana.

Cypress campaign -

2) Teak Wood from Burma - Is it from a renewable plantation or from the Burma wilds? Why is Burma bad?

a true claim? I hope so -

illegal logging -

Burma aka Myanmar -

3) Mahogany and Tropical Timber - Oh, it's very confusing, at times boring and then it gets depressing.

Ghanian timber industry -

greenpeace boycott -

4) Redwood and "Old Growth"- "Save the Redwoods" website has an Honor & Memorial Grove Program.

save the redwoods -

redwood boycott campaign -

bad man? -

5) Woodchipping Eucaplyptus in Australia - What happens on the other side of the world?

bad man? -

woodchip watch -



forest portal -

"timber laundering"-

forest stewardship council -

"timber labeling" -

"timber labeling" -



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