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test kits >> April B 2007

There are all sorts of inexpensive test kits now available. If you are really concerned you shoul get several brands of tests done or get it test by a professional as these home test kits vary widely in quality are never full proof. I still can't believe they put Arsenic in wood that is commonly used to build playgrounds as recently as 2003. Sometimes the more you read about this stuff it's hard not to be overly paranoid about these things but I expect it's best to be aware, well-informed and on the lookout. Do your own research.

1) Pregnancy Test Kit - It's good to know sooner than later. For obvious reasons. These generally range from 45 cents to $20.

2) CCA Test Kit (Arsenic in pressure treated wood)- CCA Pressure treated wood has arsenic and chromium which is very poisonous and deadly. Playgrounds, decks, etc. built using CCA treated wood. CCA treated wood is not supposed to be sold since December 31, 2003 except in special cases. Rule: Don't lick wooden playgrounds or picnic tables or lick your hands after touching greenish wood. Test Kits available for about $20.

3) Lead and Radon Test Kits - Lead is often found in paints and varnishes manufactured before 1978. Cracked paint chips commonly found around windows. Paint chips containing lead can turn to dust which can be inhaled. Radon naturally seeps into basements and houses from the ground and is leading cause of cancer in non-smokers. You generally get a Radon test done when you buy a home. Cooler Seasons are best time to test for radon. Radon test kits are about $10. Lead paint test kits are about $10. Also check for mold.

4) Cholesterol Test Kit- "Place a drop of blood on the cartridge." There is some discrepancy about whether these are accurate enough when used in the home. These should not preclude going to the doctor. I would definitely shop around and do some research if you are concerned. They range from about $8 and up.

5) Drinking Water Test Kits (Mercury etc)- Don't throw your old thermometers, fluorescent bulbs, smoke detectors, or thermostats in the trash. They often contain mercury and are hazardous materials. There are a variety of other things to check for in drinking water such as bacterias and metals and such. Range from $8 to $50 depending on how many different things are tested.






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