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Micro Green Guilt Relievers >> August A 2007

Here are some concepts that may make you feel like you're doing good for the cosmos or something. If this all sounds a little bit hollow or relatively ineffective that may well be, but perhaps these tiny sacrificial concepts will foster greater feelings of guilt, which will in turn require greater action to dampen. What am I blathering about? Anyway these may not be the best besty best top 5 ways to save your conscience with minimal effort but they are the first 5 I typed up.

1) Freecycle - List your junk locally and some scavenger will collect it. I listed some cheapo mildew stained plastic chairs that I wanted to get rid of and somebody scooped them up in just a a few hours.

2) Charity Clicks - For example..."Your click just saved 7.4 sq. ft. of Marine Wetlands!" This gets old after a while but a few sites tried to make it a game where you level up and get virtual trophies if you click every day. It's just like Diablo... or not. (Some of the links are broken on this metasite.) Also beware that if you get deeper on some of these sites you may get a barrage of emails asking you to do more than just click.

3) Buy less stuff - This works hand in hand with being both a cheapskate and being lazy. This one is hard though because searching for stuff can feel like you've accomplished something. What do you do when you're bored on the weekend? Wander the hallowed halls of Wal-Mart? YES! I mean no. No. Nope. We tend our organic garden and stir our mulch pile. However the stuff itself can even be momentarily enthralling. But stuff loses its luster after a surprisingly short while unless you suffer from collectoritis. I may be in remission. But then see #1 for a relatively painless collectoroctomy.

4) 49 Water Saving Tips - This link lists a bunch of ways to save water. Saving Water is only one tiny item on very long environmental lists, but it seems a tad less daunting and more individualized through conservation than saving forests and even saving energy. Warning: Some of these tips do require minimal effort or at least forethought. Here are 2 more along the same vein: A to Z of water saving tips...100 ways to save water.

5) Blackle- It's not blaxploitation. It's a google search page with a black background instead of white which saves some tiny amount of energy. It doesn't have the other tabs (maps, image) that google has which is annoying. But it does have other low-cost tips to save energy here:





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