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Ergonomic office devices >> February B 2007

1) Ball Chair - for your back and booty... some are better (more expensive) than others obviously. Added bonus of looking hilarious while sitting on it. I've tried sitting on a ball but not a ball chair. Bouncy bounce! Very George Jetson. Kneeling Chairs can be good too but I got achy shins after a while.

2) Vertical Mouse - Turned on its side, you see, for a more natural pose. Topsy turvy! I actually haven't tried this, but I'm sold. It's on my birthday wishlist. Gets high marks on amazon. 5 of 5 stars.

3) Adjustable Keyboard - There are a billion ergonomic keyboards and I have yet to find the perfect one. The one pictured (Goldtouch) is somewhat close to what I want. I want a keyboard that has a detachable numberpad so I can have more room for mouse. I want to be able to have it flat or angled depending on my mood/pain. I want keys that are in a standard position so I don't get confused if I have to switch between a normal keyboard. And it needs quiet, smooth feeling keys. A wrist pad may not be needed as I can get that separately. Tons of extra doodads and buttons can be useless and annoying. Slim and small is good. Wireless is good but not absolutely needed. I currently have an Evoluent keyboard but it has some keys in weird places such as the "delete" key.

4) Projectors - If you have the room and the money, then you can compute standing on your head or reclining in a hot tub with your personal masseuse kneading your neck... or whatever with one of these suckers. If you have enough money to afford this and your back still hurts then then stop working so much you,you you... workaholic. I want one.

5) Foot Rest - These are supposed to be good for short people or something. I wouldn't know. It might encourage people to take their shoes off at work which puts me off a bit, but hey, if you've got back pain do whatever it takes... Well, within reason. The one pictured SAFCO - 2106 gets 5 stars (from 2 people) at


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