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My most frequently visited websites >> January A 2007

This list is pretty boring and obvious but it's the first one so there ya go. Ignoring and this list could also have been called 'which stocks you should have bought way back when'. I don't provide actual links because they get enough attention as is. If I added a 6th it would probably be even more boring like WindizUpdate (a windows updater for firefox). Having in the mix somehow makes me feel better about myself, but then I remember this list applies only to me and I feel sad again.

1) [where I delete spam]

2) [where I search for the meaning of life]

3) [where I post when I get to it]

4) [where I buy non-essential, must-have crud]

5) [UPDATE!! I became annoyed by all the pop-up ads (despite pop-up blockers) and general slowness,

So now I use this "no-graphics" site for a dictionary....]



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