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My Favorite Franco-Belgian Comic Creators >> January B 2007

This list was very difficult to narrow down so I mention more at the end. It's also not in any particular order. Frustratingly I can't read French so there are bunch more that should be translated and published in English pronto. .. perhaps starting with: Slalom by Lewis Trondheim and Varlot Soldat by Jacques Tardi. Italian creators and other Europeans are a whole 'nother list. Find more at

1) Lewis Trondheim - The Hoodoodad, Harum Scarum, Dungeon (here I like the banter and the whimsical art)

2) Jean Girard & Jean-Michel Charlier - Blueberry series (here I like the quick adventure and suspenseful plots)

3) Christophe Blain - Isaac the Pirate, The Speed Abater (here I like the striking mood, the unpredictable plot and characters)

4) Hermann Huppen - The Towers of Bois-Maury, Jeremiah (here I like the vivid settings more than the plot or characters)

5) René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo - Asterix series (here I like the light mood, the varied locales and the silly puns)



Others I really like but didn't make the top 5 are:


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