T O P_ 5

My favorite restaurant theme >> July A 2007

Mmmm I must be hungy.

1) Indian

Start with some fritters and/or with spicy sauces, then mango lassi. roti and naan. A nice smapler mix of main courses: Aloo Mutter, maybe beef with raisins and nuts, tandoori chicken,... chutney, gulab jamun.

2) Eastern mediterranean (i.e. Greek, Lebanese, Armenian, Turkish etc)

Start with some kibbie or lentil soup, and maybe some hummous with pita. Then a lamb shiskabob with rice and tahini sauce and a greek salad with olives and feta. For desert baklava and tea.

3) Sushi

Start with some miso soup, and maybe some calamari. Then Salmon, Sicy red snapper, spicy tuna, philadelpiha roll, maybe some yellowtail and random sushi X. With hot tea. Giner Ice cream for desert.

4) Thai

Start with some spring rolls. then wide rice noodles with chicken and vegetables in a spicy sauce. Thai Iced Tea. Maybe something strange for desert like custard.

5) Steakhouse

Start with nachos and a medium brown beer. A green slad with cucumbers and tomatoes with oil and vinegar. Maybe a really nice buffalo burger with garlic mashed potatoes. Brownie sundae or carrot cake.





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