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Magazines I'm thinking about subscribing to >> June B 2007

Should I or shouldn't I shell out the cash?

1) Popular Science - I actually already just started to subscribe. It seems pretty good so far. A tad over-commercialized and I don't just mean the ads.

2) Knucklebones - I really like boardgames. I ought to get this. Kind of expensive ($25) for only 6 ish per year but it is specialty I suppose.

3) American History - I like history, but I'm no scholar (guh). Gets good reviews. Maybe I should stick to the Smithsonian? Again only 6 issues.

4) National Geographic - Kind of a popular and boringly obvious choice. I've subscribed in the past. I should get it again. Maps and inserts, yeee.

5) Comics Journal - I agree with this review by Andrew. It is great, but I might find myself interested only in a narrow field. I'm not often interested in interviews for example.



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