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My Favorite Toys for Kids between 2 and 6+ >> June A 2007

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1) Wood Blocks - the most versatile... can be used when playing with any other toy.

Check out these pics for inspiration:

2) Cars and Trucks - on the move... rolling wheels are intoxicating.

Tonka, Matchbox, Hotwheels, and Bruder are probably the best known. The Plastic Tonkas look kinda lame compared to my metal ones though.

I guess too many kids got their heads bashed. Anyway, I really want to find a good take-apart vehicle.

The ones I find are either too simple or too complex.

3) Wooden Trains and Tracks - where setting up is more than half the fun.

Thomas and Friends, Brio, and others... We have a fair amount of wooden Thomas stuff.

The buildings such as the coal plant and timber yard and cranes make the interaction really neat.

4) Duplo Or Lego - has elements of every other category on the list.

There are a few other brands worth checking out too. Lego's come a long way since City, Space and Castle. Some people don't like a lot of the new stuff because

it's not as fundamental (too many specialized parts). I agree, I guess, but some of the new sets look really freakin neat.

5) Dolls and Action Figures - even robots count... as long as you give it personality.

This is a vast category which I try to avoid in these lists, but too bad. Wheee, pick your franchise or latest movie.

However, Playmobil is the most widespread and diverse example I can think of. Pricey tho. I drool over the neat toys in playmobil catalog. Historical dudes are best.

They now have a Roman Coloseum. I want it. Tomorrow will be my 4th birthday (give or take).




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