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personal favorite American "candy bars" >> March B 2007

1) Twix - Cookies. Is that why Twix is so great? everything else has chocolate and caramel but not cookies.


2) Whatchamacallit - I'm not sure why this is so good....there's not even two of them... it's puffed rice or something, yet delicious.


3) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - It's like eating two whole pies. The peanut butter doesn't taste like regular peanut butter. It's some weird salty version instead. It'd probably be disgusting by itself.


4) Almond Joy - coconut gooeyness with a whole nut each.... here the rule of 2 applies as well. Illusions of more is always better.


5) Rolo - being fun to eat is almost more important than taste.... though with caramel and chocolate it's hard to go wrong.


Zero bar used to be my favorite as a kid but I had one recently and found it not quite as great as I remember.




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