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Most CD albums from one Band or Singer in my collection >> May A 2007

An awkward phrase, but an easy-to-make list for me... these aren't necessarily my favorite bands or musicians, just the ones I happen to have the most CDs of. I gees that means I really like them tho.

1) Leonard Cohen - 10 Albums. He's a poet. I think every album (if not every song) has the word "Naked" in it.

2) Radiohead - 7 Albums. I jumped on the Radiohead bandwagon in the middle, but I caught up reasonably well.

3) The Flaming Lips - 6 Albums. This may be my favorite band.

4) Beck - 6 Albums. An obvious buy, but I did just sell my Midnite Vultures.

5) Beastie Boys - 6 Albums. I think need more of these.

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