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Musicians I hadn't known until recently >> Sept A 2007

I was browsing on and came across these groups that I think I might like or at least would like to check out further. They are not my favorite artists of all time, rather just music that I was excited to have recently discovered. I'm not very musically savvy so don't make fun of me for never having heard of these until now. None of them are particularly new. Most of them are in a similar vein.

1) Eels - I just bought the 'daisies of the galaxy' album from Amazon. I like it. We'll see if it has staying power.

2) Woven Hand - I really liked 16 Horsepower and I wondered what happened to them for quite some time. And now I know. Yay!

3) The Decembrists - I haven't listened enough yet to make a qualified whoop! but they seem good so far.

4) Grandaddy - It seems pretty good upon first listen to a coupla songs. Again we shall see.

5) Syd Barrett - I'm still rather surprised I've never heard of him until now. Maybe I have and I forgot. I guess those certain overplayed Pink Floyd songs drowned out everything else.


Maybe I'll report back later and regurgitate another opinion after I've digested some of these.



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